Floor Care

Flooring surfaces take a lot of wear and tear and can be easily damaged. You protect your floor with several coats of Floor Finish, which provides protection and a glossy, reflective coating that can be enhanced or restored with buffing or known as “high speed polishing”. These layers can wear out with time. To keep the finishes and the floor underneath, you need materials and the proper procedures to keep them looking great.

There are 4 things that help keep floors looking great and protected. The first is stripping and waxing to remove the old worn out finish and sealer, so you have a fresh clean base to start your floor off with.

The second is sealer and floor finishes. There are a lot of products on the market and every company surly has the best product. The sealer is the base coat that protects the floor and sets the base for the finish. Next is the floor finish, it provides more protection and shines and beautifies the appearance of your place of business.

The next is cleaning and keeping the floor looking good. The floor should be washed with cold water and a neutral PH Based detergent and a proper mop for cleaning the floor. Not to mention the floor needs a good sweeping first to remove bigger pieces of trash, rocks and soil.

The finish you select depends on the appearance expectations, the daily, weekly and monthly maintenance and equipment used to keep it looking great. Different areas of your facility have different levels of traffic and wear and will be a major part of how much maintenance they will need. By having the staff of Thoyt’s Cleaning stripping and waxing your floors, cleaning and maintaining them you can guarantee that your floors are going to look great in your facility all year round.