Thoyt’s Cleaning is a leading name in the industry of carpet cleanings. It is one of the leading companies in southern Alberta that provide exclusive and efficient products for carpet cleaning. To have a well maintained flooring and carpet can be like a challenge task any time of the year particularly when it is hot and dusty or cold and wet. Even after taking precautions somewhere or the other, a carpet stain would most probably ruin your beautiful carpet. There are many companies in the same field but what makes Thoyt’s Cleaning special is the extra touches in their range of products. They go an extra mile to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the service provided.

Thoyts carpet cleaning

We clean your carpets

Thoyt’s Cleaning adopts many ways for cleaning carpets. It provides professional technicians who recommend the best cleaning methods for you. They also provide carpet cleaning Service anywhere and before starting they exactly tell you what they are going to do. Spot pre-testing is also provided as your carpets are a part of big investment of your home or business. They spot test a small area which is inconspicuous and proceed further only when there is no problem otherwise they suggest other effective cleaning methods. They provide us with extra carpet protectors which helps you in keeping your carpet clean for longer. This is the final recommended step in thorough process offered by Thoyt’s Cleaning . After applying this, more dry soil can be removed with vacuuming and spots can be removed easily, which helps your carpet last longer with a better look.