Carpet Cleaning Costs

The industry recommended time to have carpets cleaned is every 12-18 months, yet the average homeowner has her carpets cleaned every 7 years. “If it vacuums up, then it isn’t dirty,” as the old saying goes. The reason for the discrepancy between the time recommended and the span before they are actually cleaned results from the public not knowing how often this should be done, not to mention some misconception about costs. This article works towards solving these issues and a few others as well.

Average Carpet Cleaning Costs
The average home has about 1000 square feet (sq ft) of carpet. The national average for carpet cleaning costs on this size home is $.50/sq ft, which brings the actual carpet cleaning cost to $500. So the typical home spends around $71.42 a year for clean carpets, if the carpets in that home are being cleaned every 7 years. If you happen to have more carpet than a typical home, you are likely to get a per sq ft discount, since your home is a bigger job. However, cleaning carpet costs will go up if you have less.

Less is More
In order for carpet cleaning companies to make a profit on homes with less than 1000 sq ft of carpet, they have to raise the price per sq ft. The company still has to drive out to your house, unroll all of their hoses, set up their equipment, do the work, and the break it all back down. This takes time. So don’t feel that you are being ripped off if your price per square foot is higher than your neighbors’. This is an industry standard.

Trick of the TradeIf carpet cleaning costs are more than you think they should be, here are a few ways that can help you cut down on costs.
If you schedule a regular yearly cleaning with your carpet company, you are likely to be able to negotiate for a lower price. With homeowners cleaning their carpets every 7 years, you will be way ahead of the curve and in the position to ask for a discounted price, since you are such a regular customer.
Next, most companies who clean carpets also do other cleanings, such as upholstery and ducts. If you bundle all of the chores together and have them performed by the same company on the same trip, even though the entire cleaning will cost more, you will be saving money on each individual process, since they are only making one trip.

The Final WordThe items and prices listed above are just averages that we have gathered from our carpet services across the nation. Not every service will give you the same price or negotiate for the same kind of deals. However, if you think that the price you were quoted for your cleaning is too high, be sure to get several estimates so that you can see if your area just charges a higher rate and make sure to compare what equipment is being used and what services are being performed, all cleaners are not the same.

*Remember. Carpets last longer and look better with regular cleanings, plus carpet traps dust, dander, and allergens that can cause health issues. This is an inexpensive process that does wonders for your home and family.

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